Sunday, April 5, 2009


I got my L Liscense :). Aren't you proud of me.

I was so happy when I finished as I knew that I'd passed. The test automatically stops if you get too many questions wrong. I couldn't stop smiling, I was that happy. My photo on the card turned out alright too, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Well, I am webcamming with Ashley so I must get back to that. She's quite interesting :)

I'll cya laters :)

P.s I'm going to the circus tomorrow, I mean technically today. Random? Yes I know. My aunt called me at 11 one night and asked, "do you want to go to the circus?" Naturally, I said yes.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I got a laptop :). Well, I didn't get it, I don't have that kinda money. My brother bought it for me :). What a nice person.

It's so totally coool.It's got this webcam and a program to go with. It allows you to distort the pictures. It's really fun.

In other news, today is Leyla's 16th Birthday. "Everybody now" HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEYLA!
We didn't do much, but Brenda and I went to Build-a-Bear and got Leyla a BLACK bear, which is totally cool. We tried to get cupcakes for the minster who allowed us to use the church hall, but Brenda squished them. So, we ate them and went and got more. I held them this time, so they were fine. Although, they kind of melted in the heat but they were still good (Y). We then proceeded to Westfield and hung around there. I spent most of my money on buying food. Boost, the Sushi, then Mocha Chiller - Cookies&Cream from Gloria Jeans. Then we went to my house, and watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle on my NEW laptop :). It's so funny. If you haven't watched it, GO WATCH IT. However, be aware there is parts you don't want your parents to see. Unless you have cool parents who don't feel awkward watching naked scenes with you. Leyla and Brenda decided to take weird photos on the program that I mentioned. I have a lot to learn about my laptop. It's quite fascinating. Anyway, we then went back to Westfield to have Gloria Jeans, which is where I had my Mocah Chiller. Then when that closed, we sat outside Myer in an empty Westfield and had a D & M. I started it with the talk about how scary I believe University to be. I'm excited because it just looks like fun, but i'm scared because i'm growing up, well probably not physically.. but mentally. I really don't want to grow up. Being an adult brings responsibility. I can take on a certain amount of responsibility but beyond that, I don't like it. Anyway, moving on..

I really need a Mock. My phone is getting destroyed. I also want coloured pens. There are ones at OfficeWorks, but I haven't had the chance to go back there. I must go there soon.

ALSO, ASHLEY, COME ONLINE! I must webcam with you. It's essential in my webcamming experience.

Also, random question.. you know how people ask "Why is the sky blue?" and people answer "because it reflects the ocean" thing is.. water isn't blue, its clear. However the ocean's blue. Is it because the bottom of the water is so dark? But why is it dark? I dont understand. Btw, PHYSICS IS TOTALLY AWESOME. It makes sense of the world and just allows you to understand things so much better. I didn't pretty bad in my topic test, well not really. I'm involved in a PHYSICS CLUB (TM) consisting of Brenda, Fatima, Muddy and I.

OH OH, and the eels won today.
They were losing when I first checked and I was like "OH NO! :O" However, the saved me the trouble of being upset as they came back to win 18-16. They did verse the Raiders so its a bit of a disappointing scoreline. Atleast we won.

Well, that's the random things thats happened in my life so far. Did I mention I'm getting my L's? Well, I'm getting my L's. April 4th. I can't wait :).

Rights, well I must go be a nerd and make up for lost time by completing revision math papers for my test on Tuesday. I know you're saying "Why study on a Saturday for a Tuesday test?" My answer is "I must do well in this assessment and prove to myself that I am capable of studying 3 unit Math." Hopefully I will succeed.
Also, i'm playing checkers with Mailsa over MSN :)
Must get back to that.

til next time..
tc :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Long time, no blog..

yeah, sorry about the neglectation (is that a word? I don't know). But you know, school comes first! That and I haven't had a lot of interesting things to blog about. It's not weekend that I go boat racing and do cool stuff like that :P. But a few cool things are coming up so read on :)

Well firstly, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN A COUPLE OF HOURS! Imma be 16. Quite old when you think about it. It feels like just yesterday I was a young'n starting my first day in kindergarden. Oh wells, plenty for years to come .. I hope :). There are perks about being 16. LEGAAAL! :). ahaha, not that I would go and do anything irresponsible though *shifty eyes* It also means I can get my L's :) w00t. I have a birthday party planned too, with Brenda and Leyla (marchies (Y)) so hopefully that'll work out and won't turn into a complete and utter disaster.

In other news, NRL IS BACK! YAAAY, everyone cheer for the NRL AND THE EELS :).
They lost their first game though, which is pretty dissapointing, but plenty more rounds to come :) Ahh, I get to see sexy Nathan again :) *melts*

ALSO, I watched Slumdog Millionaire. Just got back from watching it actually. It's pretty good. The film techniques are terrific, and a pretty good story line to go with the amazing film technique. They really made you feel every emotion to its full extent. I just thought the music was a little LOL. I've watched actual Indian/Sri Lankan movies and they always put songs in English like in Slumdog. I believe it just makes the movie look a bit try-hardish. However, I guess they had no choice in this movie, as they couldn't put Hindi songs, as know one would understand. I also don't like MIA, who's songs feature in the movie. She sings a lot of songs that are against the Tamil Tigers.

I swear, if one more person calls them terrorists, I might just bite their head off! If they actually paid any attention to what is happening in Sri Lanka they wouldn't be calling them terrorists. But no, people just talk their shit and don't know what's happening. I really hate those kinda people. I mean I can understand people having a difference opinion, but when that opinion is based on nothing but useless arguements, it's hard for me to take them seriously.

Alright, well short post. I'm hungry and imma go spend some quality time with my brotheren. LOL. no, kidding. Well, I actually am, but it's not really quality time. Oh, maybe it is. Whatever. I'm off :)

Til next time, which is hopefully soon

Ta ta :) x

Sunday, February 15, 2009

All nighter creations

Ok, I know it's a little late, but these are the creations I made while I pulled my all nighters during the holidays. Enjoy :)

I think this was the day before the photo below, again I don't know the day or time. I should really write that down.

The sun rising.. Don't know what day *makes mental note to write down the date and time next time a pretty sunrise appears*

The same day as the photo above, just lanscape :)

This is one of my favourite quotes. It's from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air :)

I don't know what inspired me to do this exactly, but I had a few of my footy tazos on the table and they were spread out like cards would be in your hand.

Break Dance.. I don't know. I was bored. I can't break dance.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The day I've been waiting for =]

It was the day. The day we had practiced for (only 2 training sessions but its still practice). It was the day we would compete in the Dragon Boat Races :).

The day began as I woke up bright and early at 7am. That's extrememly early for me especially on a weekend. I got brushed changed and completed all the daily routines and got a ride, from my dad, to Leyla's place. I had to swap shirts with Leyla, coz I had accidently taken her's when we were getting out of the car the other day. I can't wear a size M coz it will look like I'm wearing a fat-man's shirt, so I convinced her to swap :). Just as we were changing Brenda arrived at the door, waving her hands around frantically and smiling as she does. We said our goodbyes to everyone at the Leyla household and excitedly jumped into Brenda's 4-Wheel Drive. During the trip there we talked about how exciting it's going to be, and Brenda was hoping that NoyNoy's 16 year old son was there, but he didn't end up showing up coz he couldn't be bothered :P.

Once we parked our car in the city we began to walk down to Cockle-bay (I tihnk that's what it's called) which would be where the races were held. There were many teams in different coloured shirt around the place in their little huddles, looking very intimidating. At that moment, we realised that we probably had no hope in winning, but we were still in good spirits. We found our tent that read Coregas (or cor-ah-gas according to Leyla) on the front. We settled down, leaving our bottles and gear inside the tent and sat on the edge of the bay, dipping our feet into the water. It felt quite cool on such a hot day. Our race started at about 12, so we sat and talked about various things like Max aka Glenn, who Brenda fell in love with and started calling baby *yuck* and the jellyfish in the water.

When the time finally came for our first race, I felt quite nervous. My heart started to beat really fast and my stomach had a squishy feeling. However, once we were at the starting line, I was back to my excited state. We didn't go too well in the races, in fact we got disqualified after the first one. Apparently you had to have a equal amount of men and women in the boat, and we had more men. It didn't matter though, we still raced our 3 races. I think we came second last in them all, and our best time was 1 mintue 13 seconds :).

Another thing was, when we went to get food from Market City. We were walking next to other competitors of the race and their shrits had dragons on the back. Brenda decided to be cool and commented "They think they are so cool, just coz they have dragons on the back of their shirts." The funny thing was, that one of the dudes heard her. He turned around and gave her a mini-dirty while I just started to laugh. They were nice about it though LOL.

The day ended early, around 2:00 and we were home at around 3:00. Brenda fell asleep during the car ride back, and I believe I dozed off a few times too, so Leyla must have been pretty bored.

On a side note, how sad is the Victorian fires. Apparently they were lit by arsonists and just as the fire was begining to become less severe, more arsonists decided to lite it again. Seriously, what dickheads. Why do just a vile thing. I am really ashamed of the human race. There are some real assholes around.

In other news, some more happier news, I had the craziest day of my life today at school. I was the opposite of sleep deprived. I had slept 8-9 hours and yet I felt dead at school. Maybe it was because I had Extension Maths in the morning or maybe because I woke up too early because I was late for Extension Maths. During recess, I laughed so hard that tears began to poor down from my face, which is unusal for me, because desptite the fact that I laugh a lot, I never cry as a result. In physics Mr. Johnson decided to be late, and so I went a little crazy, Brenda tied my hair up so that my fringe turned into a hair fountain. Then when he finally came back, he decided, just for the sake of the lesson, to use a wooden bat-looking-like stick to whack the table with all his strength. That killed my life and gave me a headache. Good thing was that I was able to go home early today, which is totally cool :). So I got some rest when I got home (Y).

That be all for now :)
toodles x

Friday, February 6, 2009

Another fun fulfilled day <3

Hola :)

It was quite a long and exhausting day today, so prepared for a blog filled with all kinds of emotions, from excitement to disappointment and back to excitement, and craziness.

My day started with a trip down to lovely Leyla's house to pick her up and drop off some of my cloting for this afternoon, Dragon Boat Racing (Y). The teachers at school were on strike for the first two periods, so we were going to Westfield to meet up with friends and then walk to Cold Rock (ice-cream shop). I planted myself on her couch for about 20 mins while I waited patiently for Leyla to get dressed and ready to go. They really have some unusual shows on television these days. The channel was stuck on channel 10, mainly because nobody was bothered to change it, and so I was forced into watching a show about pinata animals that perengrinate around a jungle. Just as I was begining to adjust myself to this show, Leyla said she was ready to go, and so we headed off to Westfield to meet a bunch of friends.

We arrived at Westfield late, as usual, saw a cluster of girls in senior white and blue uniform and immediately recognised them. We walked over and joined the little huddle of girls talking about a varitey of things that girls talk about. Our friends filled us in on what was happening and we decided to walk to Cold Rock. Once I stepped out of Westfield I could feel the warm air rush across my face, not a good feeling. Since the world had decided to be horrible to us, creating a world thats 35 degrees, half of us decided to catch the Loop Bus, which circles Parramatta City. About a minute later, we realised that wasn't such a good idea and figured it was just be easier to walk. Get some excersize, you know :).

On our little journey there, we saw many exciting and fascinating things. Ok, not really. I just wan't to get there as qucik as possible. Ashley became very annoyed with me and began to lie about the distance between us and Cold Rock. As we arrived to the shops closer to Cold Rock, we could see the sign above. However, it did not say Cold Rock. To our surprise it said Magic Rock. I dont know why you'd call a ice-cream shop Magic Rock, but then again, Cold Rock aint such a suitable name either. Just as I was 5 steps away from the shop door, I could hear a moan come from Jennine. I walked a little further to see what she was complaining about, and to my disappointment, neating typed on a white A4 piece of paper sticky-taped to the window it read "Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-10pm." As the rest of us read the same few words, we all in unison let out a minutre groan. Still craving ice-cream we decided to catch the Loop back to Westfield, for real this time, and settle for New Zealand Natural ice-cream. Jennine and Aya were really excited as they saw the Bus approach us from a traffic light away. As we stepped onto the bus, Jennine gave her usual useful comment to the bus driver and told him his "bus was leaking." She then added the words "maybe that's why its free." Made me laugh. Love that kid, so funny (Y). We squished onto the few seats at the back of the bus, we didn't have to squish, as there was empty seats at the front, but for some reason we all thought to sit up the back and fit about 8 people in 3 seats.

We arrived at our destination and walked straight to New Zealand Natural. I had a hard time picking a flavour, but I knew for sure that Mango was going to be one of them. I eventually picked Berryfruit + Mango. Not great, but satisfried my craving for ice-cream. After we had all gulped down our ice-creams we played Sardines. Only played two games, then got bored and so we decided to go to the Basement Level of Myer. On the way we found a picture of a clothing model that looked like he had a pole stuck up his ass, had a gun to his back and was forced to smile. At Myer, Jenning got overly excited about a mannequin's brownish-blonde wig and just had to try it on. I have to say, it suited her, in a weird, sad way. We also found a mannequin, whose trousers someone had pulled down. Wasn't me, I swear *shifty eyes*. The surprising, yet sick thing was, that it had genitals. Well, what was meant to be genitals, but looked like a bludge of flesh.

After all this fun, we hadn't noticed how much time had elapsed and thought that we should go and buy our last minute needs and head off to school. Leyla, Brenda, Ashley, Alaa (Aya's sister)+ friend and I went up to Red Lee to buy chips, while Mailsa, Angel, Aya and Jennine went down to the complicated but beautiful cupcake shop to get complicated but beautiful cupcakes for Nargus, who btw is leaving our school for a more sophiscated one :(. I'm really gonna miss Nargus. She sits next to me in Maths and I sing songs and say random things and enlighten her day. She says its annoying, but deep down in her lovely little heart of hers, I know she loves it :). Now, to cut a long story short, we got delayed, caught the bus to school and ended up arriving just as the bell rang for Roll Call. Good timing by us (Y).

School wasn't all that great, except for lunch. We had a party planned for Nargus, who didn't show up til we found her lurking around the PE staffroom. Against her will, we dragged her back to our group and back to her party. Only had 2 mintues til the bell and so we shoved lollies in our mouth and sang Happy Birthday to her. Don't ask why, we're cool like that :). Once the bell rang, emotions of sadness settled into our hearts as we realised we would probably never see Nargus again. We hugged her and told her to keep in touch and hugged her again. Then a group hug and then the crying started. Everyone was balling out their eyes, except me. Don't get me wrong, I L-O-V-E Nargus, I'm just not the crying type. My motto is Laughter is the Best Medicine, ok well it's not mine I stole it, but it's a good motto. Everyone gave her one last hug til she told us to go to class, typical Nargus - Nerdfacee. It was time to let her go on to better things and us to go back to our boring classes and indifferent teachers. Ok, it's not that bad LOL.

The other thing was that it was so hot and the air-con in the demountable didn't work. Pick today to not work (stupid air-con). I sat there at the back of the room on a plastic warmed-up seat sweating my arms and legs off. Suddenly Fatty had a great idea. Steal ice-cubes from the Office. Brilliant my child. Fatty ran over to the Office, worked her magic and managed to bring us back a couple bags of ice-cubes. I shared a bag with Muddy, which meant the bag had to be ripped into two, not a good idea. There wasn't much plastic to cover the ice-cube and so it was dripping all over us. Not such a bad thing I suppose, it was really hot. For the rest of the lesson, we did absolutely no work and sat under the fans like fat slobs.

The bell finally rang and Leyla and I ran to her house to pick up our clothes and drop of Leyla's textbooks. Then, we walked really fast to the bus stops at Westfield. When we reached the Pub near station, I recieved a distressing call from Brenda, informing me that the bus had arrived. Leaving Ashley behind (REALLY SORRY ASHLEY, REALLY!), Leyla and I ran with all our strength to get to the bus stops on time. During which, I nearly died of heat and a car almost hitting me. I also, nearly pushed a kid over, I'm sorry kid. Thankfully we didn't miss the bus and once we were safely on the bus sitting at the back with Brenda and Mailsa, all returned back to normal :). We got off the bus, walked to Brenda's crib, changed and drank iced Apple Juice :). The time to head off to DBR had finally arrived and a excited me hopped into the car. We ate our usual cuisine, Maccas (Y). A Happy Meal for me. I got Shep for a toy this time :). We listenined to our ritual song, Gives You Hell by The All American Rejects and sat quietly, slurping our drinks as we were driven to Penrith.

Once we arrived we emptied our rubbish into the bins provided and headed down to the meeting spot next to our boat. I learnt a few more names, Gerry was the trainer, Ross is the dude in the fluro yellow shirt, Matthew's the guy with the email MBPEACOCK :L, and ofcourse Steveyyy :). The three of us, Brenda Leyla and I stood around like n00bs while the rest of the crew lowered the boat into the water. Brenda and I stepped onto the boat first, well after Gerry, followed by everyone else. Throughout the practice, people kept splashing us, ofcourse we blamed Steve as he was the only name we knew at the time. I'm sure he didn't mind. Steveyyy's such a LOL :). The water was a comfortable temperature and the practiced seemed to be longer than the last one. I was REALLY tired and aching afterwards. Killed my arms and I was all wet from the incompetent one in front of me. The practiced ended with the usual, unusual stretches and ofcourse, we laughed through the whole thing :L. We were issued our uniforms (shirt and a skort, like wth. Just give us shorts), which fits like a dress on me =\ and ugly hats.

I Oo0oo and AaAaAahh-ed about my uniform and then got over them :). We headed back to the car, saying bye to Steve on our way and jumping into the car ready to drive home. It was quiet for most of the ride as we were exhausted from the long day. Excluding the times when Brenda's dad told us crazy stories about Steve, how he used to dance at parties alone with his self and his hecktic-like moves. Other than that, conversation wasn't as interesting. I was dropped home first again, coz I'm the coolest :).

when i got home, I was instantly informed that I would be going to my cousin's house. This is at about 9pm btw. Spent about 2-3 hours there doing things and headed home again. Now here I am typing up my day :). So, that's about all.

I will update this particular post and add some photos once I get my hands on them, courtesy of Ashleykins :)

bye for now :)

P.s. alrighties the photos of a fun day :)

Really suits her, I must say :)
Oh, god. That was the funniest fake smile i've ever seenUm.. WTF?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Too funny :)

Alright, well over the last 3 days a couple of really fun and exciting things has happened to me, and so I decided to blog on them, before Leyla (hehehehe).

Firstly, on Friday, I had a pretty good day at school. No maths. No english. Was a great day, I had all my fun subjects that I had yet to experience. ITM and PHP and PHYSICS (Y). So, the day went by pretty quick. I was also excited because after school I was going home with Ashley to watch Milk. So once school came to an end, I walked for what felt like an hour to Ashley's bus stop and we waiting for quite a while. However, we were provided with entertainment. There was a primary school kid playing on those street pianos around the Parramatta city, which I didn't know existed til about 1 month ago, even though I live in Parramatta. She really couldn't play at all, not to be mean, but really and she wouldn't give up. She played til her bus came. Then when she left, an asian man came along and played on it til our bus came, which was like 30 minutes. He couldn't play either, no one seems to give up. They just keep playing even though they can't =\.

So, we caught the bus and guess who we saw..? Can't guess? Ok, I'll tell you, it was Suneeta. She's funny, kept us company for the rest of the bus ride. Then we got off just before Ashleykins house, and we had to walk about 2 minutes. On the way, I saw a really cute "black guy", as Ashley called him. I think he smiled at me, not sure though =\. Still, he was cute. Next came the entering of Ashley's house and her house has no step. Normally houses have a step where the door is, just before you come in. I dont know why hers doesn't. She's got a real nice house though. It's spacious. Anyway, we ate noodles that her mummy made us :). We watched some witch show that she had on DVD. I kinda fell asleep on the couch, because I was real tired from school and Ashley decided to wake me up in a really weird way. She called my name a few times, but that didn't work and so she used her finger and pedo-ly rubbed my face. Funnily enough, that didn't work either. So she went back to the normal way you wake someone up, calling their name. It worked that time, then she laughed at me and then we head off to Castle Towers to watch the movie.

Milk was such a good movie. Ashley went on a emotional rollcoaster. Personally, I just thought the fact that they spanked each other was really funny. Ashley made me laugh even harder, because she was laughing real hard. There was mostly old people there, and one family, older family. The daughter seemed about 20 years old. It was really sad at the end, it was SUCH a good movie. I think I mentioned that already, but yeah. It was just so good. I would definately recommend you watch it. The car ride back was extremely funny. We were talking about rapists, and then Ashley's sister said something about a rapist's paradise would be cutting off their penis. Then Ashley goes "That's not a rapist's paradise. Is it?" and I ROFLMAO-ed so hard. Then Ashley's sister was talking to herself while we were laughing, and that made us laugh even harder. Then there was the impersonations of the Dad from I Am Sam. That made me laugh even more. Oh, was quite fun.

That's just Friday. Now there's today, Sunday. DRAGON BOAT RACING (Y). Leyla called my house at about 10am and we 3-wayed with Brenda. I talked on the phone til about 1:30pm then decided to go get ready. Shower and all. I was really excitied. So my brother dropped my off at Leyla's and when we got there, Leyla seemed to be in a little bit of a pickle. She couldn't find a pair of thongs that were the same. She had one thong from different pairs. So, when Brenda got there, we just decided she should wear one thong from each pair. It didn't look too bad I must say. Then, Brenda's dad drove us to Maccas to get food and on the way I saw a car with no doors. I do not lie. No doors. That was the second time I had seen a car like that in my life. So, yeah. Maccas then back to Brenda's place. She has the awesomest house. Her dad built the garage and veranda area and he put an extra window and cupboard type thing in her room. So cool (Y).

Then, we jumped back in the car with another dude and we were on our way to Penrith. We got to the lake place and I kinda got scared. It looked kinda scary and I was nervous because I didn't want to fall in. Once we got in the boat, it was all fun from there. I sat at the very end up the back, with Brendafacee. The two people that got moved in front of us were REALLY bad. Like REALLY bad. They were so out of time and kept splashing me with water. Other than that, the experience was heaps cool and that was just he training. There's another training session this Friday, then the real race on Sunday at the Darling Harbour. Starts at 7:00 am. Come down, check us out (Y).

After the race, we had to stretch, so we wouldn't die the next day of pain in our arms. The stretching was really werid. The guy made us get down on all fours and bent one of our arms underneath the other. It was really quite funny, I couldn't stop laughing throughout the stretch. After the weird-ass stretching it was time to head home. So we hopped in BrendaVien's car and began to drive home. During which, Leyla told me that she had become addicted to poppers. You know, the juice ones. LOL. She's a funny kid. Then for about 5 minutes, we couldn't stop laughing for some reason. The rest of the ride was not that interesting, I guess we were all tired from the exciting day. I got dropped home first, because I'm cooler :).

So, now I'm home. Got school tomorrow. So, that's about it. Exciting weekend :).

til my next exciting adventure thing.. byee :)