Monday, February 9, 2009

The day I've been waiting for =]

It was the day. The day we had practiced for (only 2 training sessions but its still practice). It was the day we would compete in the Dragon Boat Races :).

The day began as I woke up bright and early at 7am. That's extrememly early for me especially on a weekend. I got brushed changed and completed all the daily routines and got a ride, from my dad, to Leyla's place. I had to swap shirts with Leyla, coz I had accidently taken her's when we were getting out of the car the other day. I can't wear a size M coz it will look like I'm wearing a fat-man's shirt, so I convinced her to swap :). Just as we were changing Brenda arrived at the door, waving her hands around frantically and smiling as she does. We said our goodbyes to everyone at the Leyla household and excitedly jumped into Brenda's 4-Wheel Drive. During the trip there we talked about how exciting it's going to be, and Brenda was hoping that NoyNoy's 16 year old son was there, but he didn't end up showing up coz he couldn't be bothered :P.

Once we parked our car in the city we began to walk down to Cockle-bay (I tihnk that's what it's called) which would be where the races were held. There were many teams in different coloured shirt around the place in their little huddles, looking very intimidating. At that moment, we realised that we probably had no hope in winning, but we were still in good spirits. We found our tent that read Coregas (or cor-ah-gas according to Leyla) on the front. We settled down, leaving our bottles and gear inside the tent and sat on the edge of the bay, dipping our feet into the water. It felt quite cool on such a hot day. Our race started at about 12, so we sat and talked about various things like Max aka Glenn, who Brenda fell in love with and started calling baby *yuck* and the jellyfish in the water.

When the time finally came for our first race, I felt quite nervous. My heart started to beat really fast and my stomach had a squishy feeling. However, once we were at the starting line, I was back to my excited state. We didn't go too well in the races, in fact we got disqualified after the first one. Apparently you had to have a equal amount of men and women in the boat, and we had more men. It didn't matter though, we still raced our 3 races. I think we came second last in them all, and our best time was 1 mintue 13 seconds :).

Another thing was, when we went to get food from Market City. We were walking next to other competitors of the race and their shrits had dragons on the back. Brenda decided to be cool and commented "They think they are so cool, just coz they have dragons on the back of their shirts." The funny thing was, that one of the dudes heard her. He turned around and gave her a mini-dirty while I just started to laugh. They were nice about it though LOL.

The day ended early, around 2:00 and we were home at around 3:00. Brenda fell asleep during the car ride back, and I believe I dozed off a few times too, so Leyla must have been pretty bored.

On a side note, how sad is the Victorian fires. Apparently they were lit by arsonists and just as the fire was begining to become less severe, more arsonists decided to lite it again. Seriously, what dickheads. Why do just a vile thing. I am really ashamed of the human race. There are some real assholes around.

In other news, some more happier news, I had the craziest day of my life today at school. I was the opposite of sleep deprived. I had slept 8-9 hours and yet I felt dead at school. Maybe it was because I had Extension Maths in the morning or maybe because I woke up too early because I was late for Extension Maths. During recess, I laughed so hard that tears began to poor down from my face, which is unusal for me, because desptite the fact that I laugh a lot, I never cry as a result. In physics Mr. Johnson decided to be late, and so I went a little crazy, Brenda tied my hair up so that my fringe turned into a hair fountain. Then when he finally came back, he decided, just for the sake of the lesson, to use a wooden bat-looking-like stick to whack the table with all his strength. That killed my life and gave me a headache. Good thing was that I was able to go home early today, which is totally cool :). So I got some rest when I got home (Y).

That be all for now :)
toodles x

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