Saturday, March 28, 2009


I got a laptop :). Well, I didn't get it, I don't have that kinda money. My brother bought it for me :). What a nice person.

It's so totally coool.It's got this webcam and a program to go with. It allows you to distort the pictures. It's really fun.

In other news, today is Leyla's 16th Birthday. "Everybody now" HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEYLA!
We didn't do much, but Brenda and I went to Build-a-Bear and got Leyla a BLACK bear, which is totally cool. We tried to get cupcakes for the minster who allowed us to use the church hall, but Brenda squished them. So, we ate them and went and got more. I held them this time, so they were fine. Although, they kind of melted in the heat but they were still good (Y). We then proceeded to Westfield and hung around there. I spent most of my money on buying food. Boost, the Sushi, then Mocha Chiller - Cookies&Cream from Gloria Jeans. Then we went to my house, and watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle on my NEW laptop :). It's so funny. If you haven't watched it, GO WATCH IT. However, be aware there is parts you don't want your parents to see. Unless you have cool parents who don't feel awkward watching naked scenes with you. Leyla and Brenda decided to take weird photos on the program that I mentioned. I have a lot to learn about my laptop. It's quite fascinating. Anyway, we then went back to Westfield to have Gloria Jeans, which is where I had my Mocah Chiller. Then when that closed, we sat outside Myer in an empty Westfield and had a D & M. I started it with the talk about how scary I believe University to be. I'm excited because it just looks like fun, but i'm scared because i'm growing up, well probably not physically.. but mentally. I really don't want to grow up. Being an adult brings responsibility. I can take on a certain amount of responsibility but beyond that, I don't like it. Anyway, moving on..

I really need a Mock. My phone is getting destroyed. I also want coloured pens. There are ones at OfficeWorks, but I haven't had the chance to go back there. I must go there soon.

ALSO, ASHLEY, COME ONLINE! I must webcam with you. It's essential in my webcamming experience.

Also, random question.. you know how people ask "Why is the sky blue?" and people answer "because it reflects the ocean" thing is.. water isn't blue, its clear. However the ocean's blue. Is it because the bottom of the water is so dark? But why is it dark? I dont understand. Btw, PHYSICS IS TOTALLY AWESOME. It makes sense of the world and just allows you to understand things so much better. I didn't pretty bad in my topic test, well not really. I'm involved in a PHYSICS CLUB (TM) consisting of Brenda, Fatima, Muddy and I.

OH OH, and the eels won today.
They were losing when I first checked and I was like "OH NO! :O" However, the saved me the trouble of being upset as they came back to win 18-16. They did verse the Raiders so its a bit of a disappointing scoreline. Atleast we won.

Well, that's the random things thats happened in my life so far. Did I mention I'm getting my L's? Well, I'm getting my L's. April 4th. I can't wait :).

Rights, well I must go be a nerd and make up for lost time by completing revision math papers for my test on Tuesday. I know you're saying "Why study on a Saturday for a Tuesday test?" My answer is "I must do well in this assessment and prove to myself that I am capable of studying 3 unit Math." Hopefully I will succeed.
Also, i'm playing checkers with Mailsa over MSN :)
Must get back to that.

til next time..
tc :)

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