Sunday, February 1, 2009

Too funny :)

Alright, well over the last 3 days a couple of really fun and exciting things has happened to me, and so I decided to blog on them, before Leyla (hehehehe).

Firstly, on Friday, I had a pretty good day at school. No maths. No english. Was a great day, I had all my fun subjects that I had yet to experience. ITM and PHP and PHYSICS (Y). So, the day went by pretty quick. I was also excited because after school I was going home with Ashley to watch Milk. So once school came to an end, I walked for what felt like an hour to Ashley's bus stop and we waiting for quite a while. However, we were provided with entertainment. There was a primary school kid playing on those street pianos around the Parramatta city, which I didn't know existed til about 1 month ago, even though I live in Parramatta. She really couldn't play at all, not to be mean, but really and she wouldn't give up. She played til her bus came. Then when she left, an asian man came along and played on it til our bus came, which was like 30 minutes. He couldn't play either, no one seems to give up. They just keep playing even though they can't =\.

So, we caught the bus and guess who we saw..? Can't guess? Ok, I'll tell you, it was Suneeta. She's funny, kept us company for the rest of the bus ride. Then we got off just before Ashleykins house, and we had to walk about 2 minutes. On the way, I saw a really cute "black guy", as Ashley called him. I think he smiled at me, not sure though =\. Still, he was cute. Next came the entering of Ashley's house and her house has no step. Normally houses have a step where the door is, just before you come in. I dont know why hers doesn't. She's got a real nice house though. It's spacious. Anyway, we ate noodles that her mummy made us :). We watched some witch show that she had on DVD. I kinda fell asleep on the couch, because I was real tired from school and Ashley decided to wake me up in a really weird way. She called my name a few times, but that didn't work and so she used her finger and pedo-ly rubbed my face. Funnily enough, that didn't work either. So she went back to the normal way you wake someone up, calling their name. It worked that time, then she laughed at me and then we head off to Castle Towers to watch the movie.

Milk was such a good movie. Ashley went on a emotional rollcoaster. Personally, I just thought the fact that they spanked each other was really funny. Ashley made me laugh even harder, because she was laughing real hard. There was mostly old people there, and one family, older family. The daughter seemed about 20 years old. It was really sad at the end, it was SUCH a good movie. I think I mentioned that already, but yeah. It was just so good. I would definately recommend you watch it. The car ride back was extremely funny. We were talking about rapists, and then Ashley's sister said something about a rapist's paradise would be cutting off their penis. Then Ashley goes "That's not a rapist's paradise. Is it?" and I ROFLMAO-ed so hard. Then Ashley's sister was talking to herself while we were laughing, and that made us laugh even harder. Then there was the impersonations of the Dad from I Am Sam. That made me laugh even more. Oh, was quite fun.

That's just Friday. Now there's today, Sunday. DRAGON BOAT RACING (Y). Leyla called my house at about 10am and we 3-wayed with Brenda. I talked on the phone til about 1:30pm then decided to go get ready. Shower and all. I was really excitied. So my brother dropped my off at Leyla's and when we got there, Leyla seemed to be in a little bit of a pickle. She couldn't find a pair of thongs that were the same. She had one thong from different pairs. So, when Brenda got there, we just decided she should wear one thong from each pair. It didn't look too bad I must say. Then, Brenda's dad drove us to Maccas to get food and on the way I saw a car with no doors. I do not lie. No doors. That was the second time I had seen a car like that in my life. So, yeah. Maccas then back to Brenda's place. She has the awesomest house. Her dad built the garage and veranda area and he put an extra window and cupboard type thing in her room. So cool (Y).

Then, we jumped back in the car with another dude and we were on our way to Penrith. We got to the lake place and I kinda got scared. It looked kinda scary and I was nervous because I didn't want to fall in. Once we got in the boat, it was all fun from there. I sat at the very end up the back, with Brendafacee. The two people that got moved in front of us were REALLY bad. Like REALLY bad. They were so out of time and kept splashing me with water. Other than that, the experience was heaps cool and that was just he training. There's another training session this Friday, then the real race on Sunday at the Darling Harbour. Starts at 7:00 am. Come down, check us out (Y).

After the race, we had to stretch, so we wouldn't die the next day of pain in our arms. The stretching was really werid. The guy made us get down on all fours and bent one of our arms underneath the other. It was really quite funny, I couldn't stop laughing throughout the stretch. After the weird-ass stretching it was time to head home. So we hopped in BrendaVien's car and began to drive home. During which, Leyla told me that she had become addicted to poppers. You know, the juice ones. LOL. She's a funny kid. Then for about 5 minutes, we couldn't stop laughing for some reason. The rest of the ride was not that interesting, I guess we were all tired from the exciting day. I got dropped home first, because I'm cooler :).

So, now I'm home. Got school tomorrow. So, that's about it. Exciting weekend :).

til my next exciting adventure thing.. byee :)


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