Friday, February 6, 2009

Another fun fulfilled day <3

Hola :)

It was quite a long and exhausting day today, so prepared for a blog filled with all kinds of emotions, from excitement to disappointment and back to excitement, and craziness.

My day started with a trip down to lovely Leyla's house to pick her up and drop off some of my cloting for this afternoon, Dragon Boat Racing (Y). The teachers at school were on strike for the first two periods, so we were going to Westfield to meet up with friends and then walk to Cold Rock (ice-cream shop). I planted myself on her couch for about 20 mins while I waited patiently for Leyla to get dressed and ready to go. They really have some unusual shows on television these days. The channel was stuck on channel 10, mainly because nobody was bothered to change it, and so I was forced into watching a show about pinata animals that perengrinate around a jungle. Just as I was begining to adjust myself to this show, Leyla said she was ready to go, and so we headed off to Westfield to meet a bunch of friends.

We arrived at Westfield late, as usual, saw a cluster of girls in senior white and blue uniform and immediately recognised them. We walked over and joined the little huddle of girls talking about a varitey of things that girls talk about. Our friends filled us in on what was happening and we decided to walk to Cold Rock. Once I stepped out of Westfield I could feel the warm air rush across my face, not a good feeling. Since the world had decided to be horrible to us, creating a world thats 35 degrees, half of us decided to catch the Loop Bus, which circles Parramatta City. About a minute later, we realised that wasn't such a good idea and figured it was just be easier to walk. Get some excersize, you know :).

On our little journey there, we saw many exciting and fascinating things. Ok, not really. I just wan't to get there as qucik as possible. Ashley became very annoyed with me and began to lie about the distance between us and Cold Rock. As we arrived to the shops closer to Cold Rock, we could see the sign above. However, it did not say Cold Rock. To our surprise it said Magic Rock. I dont know why you'd call a ice-cream shop Magic Rock, but then again, Cold Rock aint such a suitable name either. Just as I was 5 steps away from the shop door, I could hear a moan come from Jennine. I walked a little further to see what she was complaining about, and to my disappointment, neating typed on a white A4 piece of paper sticky-taped to the window it read "Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-10pm." As the rest of us read the same few words, we all in unison let out a minutre groan. Still craving ice-cream we decided to catch the Loop back to Westfield, for real this time, and settle for New Zealand Natural ice-cream. Jennine and Aya were really excited as they saw the Bus approach us from a traffic light away. As we stepped onto the bus, Jennine gave her usual useful comment to the bus driver and told him his "bus was leaking." She then added the words "maybe that's why its free." Made me laugh. Love that kid, so funny (Y). We squished onto the few seats at the back of the bus, we didn't have to squish, as there was empty seats at the front, but for some reason we all thought to sit up the back and fit about 8 people in 3 seats.

We arrived at our destination and walked straight to New Zealand Natural. I had a hard time picking a flavour, but I knew for sure that Mango was going to be one of them. I eventually picked Berryfruit + Mango. Not great, but satisfried my craving for ice-cream. After we had all gulped down our ice-creams we played Sardines. Only played two games, then got bored and so we decided to go to the Basement Level of Myer. On the way we found a picture of a clothing model that looked like he had a pole stuck up his ass, had a gun to his back and was forced to smile. At Myer, Jenning got overly excited about a mannequin's brownish-blonde wig and just had to try it on. I have to say, it suited her, in a weird, sad way. We also found a mannequin, whose trousers someone had pulled down. Wasn't me, I swear *shifty eyes*. The surprising, yet sick thing was, that it had genitals. Well, what was meant to be genitals, but looked like a bludge of flesh.

After all this fun, we hadn't noticed how much time had elapsed and thought that we should go and buy our last minute needs and head off to school. Leyla, Brenda, Ashley, Alaa (Aya's sister)+ friend and I went up to Red Lee to buy chips, while Mailsa, Angel, Aya and Jennine went down to the complicated but beautiful cupcake shop to get complicated but beautiful cupcakes for Nargus, who btw is leaving our school for a more sophiscated one :(. I'm really gonna miss Nargus. She sits next to me in Maths and I sing songs and say random things and enlighten her day. She says its annoying, but deep down in her lovely little heart of hers, I know she loves it :). Now, to cut a long story short, we got delayed, caught the bus to school and ended up arriving just as the bell rang for Roll Call. Good timing by us (Y).

School wasn't all that great, except for lunch. We had a party planned for Nargus, who didn't show up til we found her lurking around the PE staffroom. Against her will, we dragged her back to our group and back to her party. Only had 2 mintues til the bell and so we shoved lollies in our mouth and sang Happy Birthday to her. Don't ask why, we're cool like that :). Once the bell rang, emotions of sadness settled into our hearts as we realised we would probably never see Nargus again. We hugged her and told her to keep in touch and hugged her again. Then a group hug and then the crying started. Everyone was balling out their eyes, except me. Don't get me wrong, I L-O-V-E Nargus, I'm just not the crying type. My motto is Laughter is the Best Medicine, ok well it's not mine I stole it, but it's a good motto. Everyone gave her one last hug til she told us to go to class, typical Nargus - Nerdfacee. It was time to let her go on to better things and us to go back to our boring classes and indifferent teachers. Ok, it's not that bad LOL.

The other thing was that it was so hot and the air-con in the demountable didn't work. Pick today to not work (stupid air-con). I sat there at the back of the room on a plastic warmed-up seat sweating my arms and legs off. Suddenly Fatty had a great idea. Steal ice-cubes from the Office. Brilliant my child. Fatty ran over to the Office, worked her magic and managed to bring us back a couple bags of ice-cubes. I shared a bag with Muddy, which meant the bag had to be ripped into two, not a good idea. There wasn't much plastic to cover the ice-cube and so it was dripping all over us. Not such a bad thing I suppose, it was really hot. For the rest of the lesson, we did absolutely no work and sat under the fans like fat slobs.

The bell finally rang and Leyla and I ran to her house to pick up our clothes and drop of Leyla's textbooks. Then, we walked really fast to the bus stops at Westfield. When we reached the Pub near station, I recieved a distressing call from Brenda, informing me that the bus had arrived. Leaving Ashley behind (REALLY SORRY ASHLEY, REALLY!), Leyla and I ran with all our strength to get to the bus stops on time. During which, I nearly died of heat and a car almost hitting me. I also, nearly pushed a kid over, I'm sorry kid. Thankfully we didn't miss the bus and once we were safely on the bus sitting at the back with Brenda and Mailsa, all returned back to normal :). We got off the bus, walked to Brenda's crib, changed and drank iced Apple Juice :). The time to head off to DBR had finally arrived and a excited me hopped into the car. We ate our usual cuisine, Maccas (Y). A Happy Meal for me. I got Shep for a toy this time :). We listenined to our ritual song, Gives You Hell by The All American Rejects and sat quietly, slurping our drinks as we were driven to Penrith.

Once we arrived we emptied our rubbish into the bins provided and headed down to the meeting spot next to our boat. I learnt a few more names, Gerry was the trainer, Ross is the dude in the fluro yellow shirt, Matthew's the guy with the email MBPEACOCK :L, and ofcourse Steveyyy :). The three of us, Brenda Leyla and I stood around like n00bs while the rest of the crew lowered the boat into the water. Brenda and I stepped onto the boat first, well after Gerry, followed by everyone else. Throughout the practice, people kept splashing us, ofcourse we blamed Steve as he was the only name we knew at the time. I'm sure he didn't mind. Steveyyy's such a LOL :). The water was a comfortable temperature and the practiced seemed to be longer than the last one. I was REALLY tired and aching afterwards. Killed my arms and I was all wet from the incompetent one in front of me. The practiced ended with the usual, unusual stretches and ofcourse, we laughed through the whole thing :L. We were issued our uniforms (shirt and a skort, like wth. Just give us shorts), which fits like a dress on me =\ and ugly hats.

I Oo0oo and AaAaAahh-ed about my uniform and then got over them :). We headed back to the car, saying bye to Steve on our way and jumping into the car ready to drive home. It was quiet for most of the ride as we were exhausted from the long day. Excluding the times when Brenda's dad told us crazy stories about Steve, how he used to dance at parties alone with his self and his hecktic-like moves. Other than that, conversation wasn't as interesting. I was dropped home first again, coz I'm the coolest :).

when i got home, I was instantly informed that I would be going to my cousin's house. This is at about 9pm btw. Spent about 2-3 hours there doing things and headed home again. Now here I am typing up my day :). So, that's about all.

I will update this particular post and add some photos once I get my hands on them, courtesy of Ashleykins :)

bye for now :)

P.s. alrighties the photos of a fun day :)

Really suits her, I must say :)
Oh, god. That was the funniest fake smile i've ever seenUm.. WTF?


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