Sunday, March 15, 2009

Long time, no blog..

yeah, sorry about the neglectation (is that a word? I don't know). But you know, school comes first! That and I haven't had a lot of interesting things to blog about. It's not weekend that I go boat racing and do cool stuff like that :P. But a few cool things are coming up so read on :)

Well firstly, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN A COUPLE OF HOURS! Imma be 16. Quite old when you think about it. It feels like just yesterday I was a young'n starting my first day in kindergarden. Oh wells, plenty for years to come .. I hope :). There are perks about being 16. LEGAAAL! :). ahaha, not that I would go and do anything irresponsible though *shifty eyes* It also means I can get my L's :) w00t. I have a birthday party planned too, with Brenda and Leyla (marchies (Y)) so hopefully that'll work out and won't turn into a complete and utter disaster.

In other news, NRL IS BACK! YAAAY, everyone cheer for the NRL AND THE EELS :).
They lost their first game though, which is pretty dissapointing, but plenty more rounds to come :) Ahh, I get to see sexy Nathan again :) *melts*

ALSO, I watched Slumdog Millionaire. Just got back from watching it actually. It's pretty good. The film techniques are terrific, and a pretty good story line to go with the amazing film technique. They really made you feel every emotion to its full extent. I just thought the music was a little LOL. I've watched actual Indian/Sri Lankan movies and they always put songs in English like in Slumdog. I believe it just makes the movie look a bit try-hardish. However, I guess they had no choice in this movie, as they couldn't put Hindi songs, as know one would understand. I also don't like MIA, who's songs feature in the movie. She sings a lot of songs that are against the Tamil Tigers.

I swear, if one more person calls them terrorists, I might just bite their head off! If they actually paid any attention to what is happening in Sri Lanka they wouldn't be calling them terrorists. But no, people just talk their shit and don't know what's happening. I really hate those kinda people. I mean I can understand people having a difference opinion, but when that opinion is based on nothing but useless arguements, it's hard for me to take them seriously.

Alright, well short post. I'm hungry and imma go spend some quality time with my brotheren. LOL. no, kidding. Well, I actually am, but it's not really quality time. Oh, maybe it is. Whatever. I'm off :)

Til next time, which is hopefully soon

Ta ta :) x

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  1. you were watching a film and studying the film tehcniques. english has gotten to you :| haha.

    happy birthday my lovely spedickle (L)