Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Senior !

First day of school today. First day of year 11 today. First day of stressing today.
For the first time, school seems so significant. I mean, I used to bludge, or half-bludge, my lessons from Kindy to Year 10. Now, the teacher must get my full attention. It's kinda hard to do that though, when you have your funny friends in your class. In English, Leyla drew some kind of smilie with pressing the back of her pen lid onto the side of her hand =\.

The day was hecktic though. I had peer support for the first time, met little Year 7ners. My group was pretty well behaved, thank god. The one thing I was dreading was getting bratty year 7ners in my peer support group. Then I figured out we got like 6 sheets for PDHPE already, and so had to go figure out what that was all about and then had peer support again, and stood out in the sun for 40 minutes.

I'm pretty happy with my classes and teachers and all though. Except since I got into Accounting at TAFE, I want to drop ITM. Don't know how that's gonna go down. Hopefully, they let me drop it. I'm in the top English class and 2nd highest Maths class. I'm such a N-E-R-D and proud :). I just hope I don't get overwhelmed with so much work that I end up collapsing.

The teachers were being nice to us, which was really weird. Former Year 11 and 12 students had warned us about this, but it just didn't seem like it would be so real. The first 5 minutes of school had just started, and already teachers that I didn't even know where smiling at me just because I'm was wearing a different uniform. Weird =\.

I guess that's about all that happened today that's worth mentioning.
OH, I forgot. I visited my old primary school today, Parramatta Public. Weird stuff. It has changed so much, the toilets were even painted. Blue for boys and Pink for Girls, like you'd need colours to figure out which toilet to enter. The playground was all done up with colours on the pavement and THEY GOT RID OF THE SANDPIT! Mofos. Who gets rid of a sandpit. If anything, you bring a sandpit in, not get rid of it. That was the disappointment of my day. Most of the teachers were still there though. I liked it a lot better when I used to go there. It was really a shitbox, but it was OUR shitbox and we loved it!

Rights, well, imma go have my dinner now :)

til next time *dundundun*


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