Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day/Chinese New Year

Well HAPPY BELATED AUSTRALIA DAY AND CHINESE NEW YEAR. I'm not Australian or Chinese, but for those of yous that are, hope you had a good one (Y).

My day started with an all nighter, which I pulled because I thought I was going hot-air ballooing, which didn't happen, but it was no big deal. I mean, I was excited to go, but I got over it pretty quick. Once, I found out I wasn't going hot-air ballooning, I decided to go to sleep and fell asleep watching Seinfeld.

At about 12 0'clock, I got a call from Leyla inviting me to watch Role Models and then to Parramatta Park for the Australia Day celebrations. So, we met up and went to the movies, Role Models was great. Heaps funny. I love Sean William Scott's comedy, they are so funny. Balls Out was another one of his movies, despite the fact that it was completely random, I thought it was hilarious. And ofcourse, American Pie, I mean, who could forget that performance.

Right, so after the movie we decided to head off to Parramatta Park for the Aussie Day celebrations :). When we got there, we saw all kinds of crazy stuff. Not really, there was just rides and food (Y) and music and other things. Saw a lot of people from school, seemed like everyone was there. Oh and Aaron was there *hinthintLeyla* :L. We found a spot in front of the big stage and waited 'paitently' for Grinspoon. The music was pretty crappy, except for this guy called Ash Graham/Galdwon/Grinwall (they kept chaning his name). He was one of those one-man-bands and he had some pretty M-A-D music. His album is called "Fish Out Of Water," it's worth listening to.

So, we waited til around 10:00 for Grinspoon's performance, during which is started to poor down with rain <.< Not fun when you have no jacket or umbrella, so we seeked cover under some trees with a poor excuse for leaves. We ended up having drops of rain falling on us from the trees as well as the rain. Grinspoon's music wasn't all that great, but there was one song i hadn't heard of that the lead singer played, by himself, on the guitar. He sounds better by himself compared to with his band. He should go solo with his guitar. Once it was all over, the fireworks began. It was pretty good, short, but good. Not great though, just good (Y). Then we walked to Parra Leagues Club where we were getting picked up. No one was talking on the way and we have silence for most of the way, until Leyla ruined it with "It's so silent" :L. Joking Leyla, I love to hear your voice :). After that, nothing really interesting happened, so that was the end of the day.

Well, as I'm writing this, a day late, I'm about to head off to Leyla's, so imma end the post.

laters :)


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